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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sorry, been a while...

Where to start...Christmas was good. Addison had two teeth to start coming in so she was a little cranky and very clingy, but I didn't mind. I actually enjoyed her wanting no one but me. She is still pretty clingy. If someone puts their hands out to her to pick her up and I'm holding her, she turns into me and clings to my shoulder. She is crawling all over the house. She follows me around and she goes off exploring on her own too. She is pulling up onto her knees but has not made it all the way up to a standing position yet, although she loves to stand. She is currently 20 pounds and 12 ounces as of her 9 month check up. She is just beautiful and growing way to quickly. I am so sad to see my children grow so fast, especially since she is probably my last. Anyway, back to Christmas. She got a cabbage patch from Mommy and Daddy with the name "Addison" on it's birth certificate. She also got other various toys, dolls, cloths and books. Collin also got a lot of books, toys and his best gift was from Mommy, Daddy, PaPa, Aunt Jenni, Aunt Tina and Uncle Don. We all pitched in on a Jeep Wrangler Power Wheels. He was so excited and pitches a fit when he has to get off to come in. It's been a lot of fun. Addi rides in it with him. It has an actual radio, glove box, and cup holder. So cute! Collin is still doing well with Addi. He makes her laugh alot and it's nice how they entertain each other. He now can open the child safety knob on his door and is coming and sleeping in the floor of our room around 3 or 4 am. I'm just letting him. We have put a pallet down for him to stay warm. He's only little once and I don't want to spend my nights trying to get him to go back to his room. It's just not worth it. Addison is still sleeping well also. Oh, and Collin heard his Daddy say "crap" so guess what he tries to spit out now?? "CRAP"! I told Garner he better be more careful. When Garner said it and Collin repeated it for the first time we made Daddy go in time out. So Collin goes in time out when he says it too. It's still funny though, we have to restrain our laughter. Well, I'm at work, so gotta go, I know...I need to post pictures!! We have been so busy, I'll try to tonight. Buh Bye!


Blogger T-Bone said...

yay! cant wait to see the pics!

1/11/08, 11:30 PM  

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