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The day to day life of our major excitement but full of love and joy.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Addison is seven months old today. Growing up fast! She and Collin play well together. Actually, Collin plays well with Addi. She just tries to take his cars from him so she can chew on them. They are so cute together! Her hair is getting long. She looks adorable with her pony tail on top of her head. Tina bought her a lot of little hair things from the dollar store. I really need to get some pics uploaded for everyone to see...I just never have much time at home.

I went to Nashville with the girls this past weekend. Jenn, Tina and I went and stayed with Garner and Jenni's step-sister Paula. We had a great, relaxing time. Paula has a son, Jacob, who is one week older than Collin. Paula discovered a few weeks back that she had left her son's spider man sippy cup on top of the car but that it had "clung" on for dear life. It was still up there this past weekend. She's leaving it there to see how long it will stay before it's "webbing" gives out. It was a funny conversation piece!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Per Tamra

So Tamra has threatened to beat me up, like she did when we were in grade school, if I don't put something new on here soon. So here it is. Life is busy, I hate my job, but the fam is great!

Just kidding, that's not all I will write. Addison is sitting up pretty good now. She still loves to eat and is right at 19 pounds. Collin was not allowed to turn around his car seat until he turned a year b/c the requirements are to be 1 yr. old or 20 pounds...Addison will obviously get to face forward much sooner than Collin. Collin is still only 26 pounds...Addison will surpass him soon! She is 95% on weight and height. Her hair is long enough now that I am putting a little pony tail on top of her head. It's so cute!! I got her a pink leapard costume for Christmas, although I'm afraid she will be too big for it by the time she gets to wear it. Collin is going to be Thomas the Train. Collin is saying "I love you" and singing the "Happy Birthday" song now...he's so cute! At least, when he's not pitching a two year old fit!

I am unhappy at my job and am looking for a new one...I felt like I was lied to in the interview. My boss painted a lovely picture of the firm and how I would be "taken care of"...not so much. Anyway, if anyone knows of any openings you think might interest me, let me know.

Garner still loves his job and is making lots of friends there. We had one of his co-workers' over the other night with her husband and daughter. Turns out they both went to Macon Road Baptist, where I attended a couple of years of elementary school. They know and still hang out with a lot of ppl. that were in my classes. Small world. Garner is trucking right along in school as well. I think his grades are good, but he does not mention them much. He is studying a lot. He still has a ways to go!

That's all I got for now Tam...hope this suits you! :)