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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Recent Pics

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Garner Graduates!

For anyone who would like to show support, Garner's graduation is on October 13th at Christ The Rock Church at 7pm.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Nothing much...

Not a whole lot going on right now...I'm going to the dentist tomorrow. Anyone who knows me well knows I'm scared of the dentist. So, not looking forward to that! We are staying busy. Garner is contemplating more schooling options and I'm steadily trying to figure out where we want to move to in the spring. There is so much that plays into that decision when you have kids. We are busy with Church and Garner is playing softball on the rec team. Glad to see the fall is finally coming!

Friday, September 15, 2006


Today I went to shop at the consignment sale located in the Southaven Arena. It's a Mother's paradise! I was able to get in before the public b/c I'm pregnant. I have been looking for a used jungle gym as well as a two seater stroller. They are just rediculously expensive if you buy them new. So, let me tell you what all I bought.
*Graco Two Seater Stroller-$35, new is about $150+
*Little Tykes Jungle Gym-$60, new is about $250
*Baby Carrier still in box (One you strap on)-$5, new is about $20-$30
*Little Tykes Truck toy still in box-$5, new is about $20
*At least about 10 winter outfits for Collin
*About 10 baby girl outfits (I hope I'm having a girl, if not, I'll re-sell)
*Baby Birks for Collin
I think that's about it. All for about $280! I was so excited!! Anyway, if anyone is intersted, it's open through Sunday. The website is and they only accept name brand items to sell.

Monday, September 11, 2006


I know everyone has, but I want to express my thoughts on this day as well.
Today is a day of remembrance. It's amazing to think that 9/11 was five years ago and we are still feeling the repercussions. As a wife and mother, I just keep thinking about all the Wives, Mothers, Children, Husbands, and Fathers that were left behind. There were so many pregnant women who gave birth alone...that breaks my heart. There are a few comforting things to remember though, I believe our country changed for the better...even though it may not appear that way on the outside. I believe heros emerged and most of all that God rose victorious. It's awesome to know that He can turn any tragedy into some good and it's sad to know we forget that, until a tragedy does arrive. I can speak from personal experience that tragedy and trials in our lives only make us stronger and recongnize God's glory and power even more.
May we never forget!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Make Up Your Mind!

So, as you all know, Garner completed Surgical Tech school and is working at Baptist East. He is enjoying it, but wants to further his education. First, he was going to take it a little farther by training to become a First Assistant which is similar to a ST, but with a lot for flexibility and responsibility. Anyway, he then got a hair up his butt to become a pilot...I know...totally not in his current line of training. It's actually my fault because I got him an "exploritory flight" package and he got to fly and plane for 30 minutes. He loved it and now wants to get his license. He was thinkng about joining the AirForce, but that is not going to work considering you have to have your commercial license by the age of 27 and he will turn 27 in April. So now he wants to privately train to get his license. As I am sure you all know, this is very expensive, so it will be many many years probably before he can accomplish this. Now...You are going to be so excited Aunt Linda...he wants to go to nursing school and specialize as an OR Nurse. He has been told by many of his supervisors and fellow employees that he would make a great nurse because he is so helpful and compasionate. Plus, the salary for a nurse starts out $1.50 higher than what a ST tops out at. He's probably going to go to Southwest and Baptist will most likely pay for it if he signs a contract to work with them for a certain amount of time; most likely two to three years. The program should take him about 2 years. His supervisor told him they would coordinate his work schedule around his school schedule. I'm totally fine with him doing this, especially since he will be bringing in a paycheck also. I just wish he would make up his mind!!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Garner played drums this past Sunday for the Church praise team. He was just asked the Wednesday before so it was a spur of the moment thing. He was very nervous, but did great. Everyone has thrown lots of praise his way. He will probably be rotating in and out and so I think he will really like that. He has not played in a band/group since High School and is really looking forward to it.

This Ones For Tam!

Tamra seems to be irritated that I/other bloggers are not posting frequently enough. So Tam, here you go! We had a nice Labor Day weekend. Although it was a 3 day weekend, it's still never long enough considering I don't want to go to work anyway. All is good though in the Price world. Not much to share. My sister is about to pop. The baby is due in October but she will probaby schedule a C-section in about 2-3 weeks. I'm 10 weeks now and doing great. We are about 99% sure we are moving to Collierville in the Spring. So I am currently looking for child care in the area. Anyone have any ideas of a person or place, let me know. Anyway, not much else to say. Hope all is well with all of you!