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Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

This will most likely be my last entry of the year, so I wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday. We have two Christmas gatherings tomorrow, one all day gathering on Sunday, our own little family Christmas on Monday morning, then Collin and I leave town Monday at 11am to return on Saturday and then have one more Christmas gathering on Sunday the 31st. So, I will be too busy to write! Hope you all enjoy whatever time you get off to spend with friends and family. Talk to you next year!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Don't You Just Love It?!?

It's just great when you take your vehicle in to the shop for some routine stuff and walk out with a $1,000 bill! All I needed was an oil change and I get the standard alignment, rotation and balance free for the life of the vehicle. So I was looking at about a $30 bill. Come to find out, I have a nail in the side wall of one of my tires and all of them are actually starting to look pretty bad (so Garner wants 4 new tires). I need a fuel system cleaning, a transmission and brake fluid flush, and my battery needs to be cleaned b/c it has corrosion. I hate cars. If it were up to me, I wouldn't do any of it, which I know probably isn't the smart thing. So, luckily I have my husband who is overprotective and decided I needed all of the maintenance done. We are about to drive to Kansas City, MO for a week without Garner and he's a worrier. No wife of his is going to take a trip without a full vehicle inspection along with the expensive bill! I also hate not knowing if I'm getting the run-around b/c I'm a woman who knows nothing about cars/vans/trucks, etc. O-well, at least Garner talked to the guy and seems to know a little about what he is saying...I do not and don't intend to learn!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thank Goodness!

Collin had one week where he struggled with staying in his toddler bed. He got over it real quick and is doing fine again. We are so glad!!

Oh, and on a cute note...Collin's younger cousin Eithan was over for about an hour and half last night and was a little fussy. Collin went up to him out of no where and gave him a hug. I have never seem him do that before. It was so sweet! Of course he kept trying to give him hugs which only made Eithan mad, but it was still cute. I got a pic, I'll post it later when I download it off the camera.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Addison Update

I had a check up yesterday. Addison is doing great. She's still head up, but has plenty of time to turn...hopefully she will. I am trying to avoid a second c-section. We got a few more pictures this time since she was facing towards my belly button and not my spine. The doctor informed me that after my next visit on Jaunary 4th, I will be having check ups every two weeks. I remember waiting forever for the pregnancy to get to that point with Collin and it has come extremely fast with Addison. I can certainly tell I'm more busy this time around.
I've gotten back into walking. I'm getting to work 30 minutes early every morning to walk around the inside of the church. I like exercising in the morning and it gets dark too early now, plus, it is FREEEEEEZING outside! This routine is working out great and even though I've only been doing it for a week now, I can mentally tell a difference. I just feel better about myself knowing I'm keeping my body in shape during this pregnancy. Since I'm hoping to deliver naturally (naturally meaning the way God instended, not necessarily without paid meds), the walking will help get me in shape for all that pushing!
Well, that's it for now, hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season thus far!