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Friday, December 21, 2007

Addison's Big Day

Addison crawled yesterday! It was very exciting! She has been rolling and scooting everywhere but she actually did the opposing hand/leg crawl! She did it very slowly as if she were thinking about make every move perfect. It was so cute! Sad too, just another milestone closer to growing I wish they could stay little forever! I took pics of the kids in front of the Christmas tree in their Christmas pj's yesterday morning. I will upload them over the weekend. In case no one hears from me before then, Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Time Out Teddy!

When Collin acts up, he is either punished with time out (nose to the wall) or a spanking with the wooden spoon depending on the severity of his crime. Well last night Garner was reading Collin a bedtime book in his room. When he was done reading, Collin realized he did not have teddy (his bear). So Garner said "Teddy must be hiding, go find him and tell him it's bedtime". So Collin finds teddy in the den and says "it's bedtime, you go in time out" with a real stern voice, I guess he thought teddy was purposefully hiding so he would not have to go to ged. Then he proceeds to put teddy nose first against the wall. It was so cute and funny, I called for Garner to come see what he was doing. Kids really do the darndest things!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


So Thanksgiving went well. Addison had a taste of Pumpkin pie and now she won't eat her veggies in the evening unless I add fruit. She has a sweet tooth, or should I say sweet gum since no teeth have made their debut yet! Collin got to ride a horse and Garner got to shoot skeet in Williston. I got to eat good food, so we were all happy!

Since Thanksgiving, Collin has written on our suede chase lounge with a RED PERMANENT marker, yes, lovely. Addison has decided she only wants to stand up, so even though she is sooo very close to crawling, she might just skip it and go straight to walking! They are playing together a lot now and it's just so cute to hear them making each other laugh.

Garner had sinus surgery last week which went well. His recovery was uncomfortable, but he made a good come back and is back at work this week.

I am still looking for a new job, hating mine, but hey, life can't be perfect all the time! I have however finished my Christmas shopping and only need to wrap. All our Christmas decor was put up this past weekend and looks very nice in our new house. I managed to get the tree in the dining room, so you can see it from the street and it's out of the line of fire of the kids.

Thats it for now folks! Looking forward to Christmas!!