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The day to day life of our major excitement but full of love and joy.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Job Update

I am interviewing today for a Financial Secretary position at Life Church. If it's a good job, with a good salary and benefits, I still don't know if I should accept it; assuming it is offered to me. I'm afraid I might be giving up some sort of severance pay in the event my company does lay off some employees. If I don't accept the job though, and it ends up whatever I do receive from PTS is not so great, I'll want to kick myself for passing up the opportunity. The main problem is that Steve, the original owner of PTS, is not giving us any information to go on. He says he does not know, I'm not so sure about that though. So...I need prayer.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

V-Day 2006

So now that we are parents, spontaneous adventures full of romance are rare and hard to come by. So we weren't spontaneous, but at least we had a little romance. Garner and I enjoyed our "V-day getaway" the Saturday before. Collin stayed with his Mimi and we had dinner at Red Lobster (I LOVE seafood) and then had a nice quite evening at home...alone...with no kids...and no interruptions! :) Under any other circumstances, when no children were a part of this family, I would have taken lots of pictures since I got all "prettied up", but not so on this occasion. So sorry!
Anyway, on the actual day of valentines, Garner got me reese's cups candies, a dozen roses, and a very sweet card. It was a surprise since I told him not to buy me anything!
Collin got a sweet little stuffed puppy and puppy slippers from us. His Aunt Tina also got him an adorable bunny that says the Lord's Prayer when you put it's paws together; along with a framed picture of Collin and Austin sitting in a great little basket that matches his room.
So it was not full of tremendous excitement, but it was a relaxing valentine's day!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Playing in the snow!

Collin was not extremely amused by the snow, but that was probably because he was more concerned with the stinky diaper he had just produced. We had fun taking pictures though!

Friday, February 10, 2006


Collin got to see snowflakes for the first time ever today!! Hopefully enough will fall and stick to the ground that he will be able to actually touch it tomorrow.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Yummy Dog Food

Collin has officially had his first taste of dog food! I left him on the rug in the den playing with his car and went to file a piece of paper in the filing cabinet in the computer room. I was not out of the room for more than thirty seconds and when I walked back into the kitchen, he was over the dog food bowl chowin down! I scraped what I could out of his mouth and that made him mad; he wanted more! That kid will eat anything! So I took him back to his room to play and when I set him down he dropped a handful of dog food on the floor. What a sneak!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


My brother's ex-girlfriend and their 4 month old baby boy came to stay at my parent's house last weekend for the first time. Casey and Eithan are their names. We all got together saturday night. The visit went really well which I am thankful for. There has been a lot of tension between Jonathan and Casey and so I am glad to see that they are making progress toward a better relationship for Eithan's sake. Please keep them in your prayers.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Prove Tamra Wrong!

Well, Tamra seems to think that I never write about anything other than I'm proving you wrong Tam! Anyway, I'm at work, and I've completed most everything I need to do thats good. Garner is at home studying at the moment...hopefully. He is still enjoying school and I continue to be thrilled at not having to attend school anymore! We have a busy weekend planned. We are going to the Easy Rider's bike show saturday morning and then to a family function at my parent's house saturday afternoon. Sunday morning we have Church and a small Superbowl gathering at our house sunday night. So there Tam!