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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Job

So the law office I interviewed with has decided they want me bad enough to meet my salary terms. They have agreed to pay my 8 week maternity leave as a "signing bonus" and I will start work after that. Probably around June 1st. The name of the firm is Mendelson & Attorney's. They do collections. I will be managing their administrative office of about 20 employees. This will certainly be a more challenging position than what I hold now. I am looking forward to it though. I get bored here a lot, which I know some people would love, but I hate being bored. It makes the day drag bye. I'm a busy body at heart, just ask Garner, he hates it! So I'm looking forward to being busy from the time I arrive at work to the time I leave. I will be at work 30 more minutes every day than I am now, but that is b/c they want me to take some kind of lunch break. It's a lot more money though, so it's worth the trade off. I've already verified that I won't have to do any overtime and they are flexible with me having to take off due to sick kids. I think it's going to be a good move both financially and professionally. Could not have come at a better time with us buying this house and Addison's birth.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Another look alike...

I had my 4D ultrasound this past Tuesday. From what I could tell, Addison is going to be a Mommy look-a-like! :) Poor Garner...he only gets to claim the stature, well, the little or no patience as well. He and Collin are both impatient. Addison seems to have my chin, lips, cheeks, and nose. She even curls her toes like I do! Collin does that a lot as well. She wanted to keep her hands and feet by her face at all times so it was hard getting good pictures. I'll try and download some of them when I get a chance. We have a video and can see her practicing her breathing, blinking her eyes, yawning, smiling, and sticking out her tongue. She is measuring perfectly and she is head down. I'm glad since I'm trying to avoid another c-section. She is a very active little girl! When the nurse was checking the heart beat with the doplar thing, she put her hand on my belly to feel where Addison was and Addison ran her hand along the top of my belly and the nurse jumped with shock. She said she had never felt a body part of an unborn baby so clearly before. Pretty cool. Only about nine and a half weeks left!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hello All

It's Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday, which means the next day is Saturday and I don't have to go to work! :) Boy, I amaze myself with my intelligence! It's really pretty great though that I can remember the days of the week considering all that's going on in my life right now. Pregnancy, purchase of new home in less than a month...which means finalizing mortgage stuff, shopping for homeowners insurance, getting the inspection done, etc. Planning out the actual move and how to accomplish it 8 months pregnant and working full time. Oh, and don't forget the toddler at home who is almost two and acting like it! He's great though...just going through that "I want what I want and I want it NOW" stage. And then there's Garner...he started school this week. So he works a 12 hour shift on Monday and Friday which puts him home around 7:30 or 7:45. He has class from 6 to whenever on Tues., Wed., and Thurs., nights. It's not too bad right now, but I can't imagine how it's going to be once I'm back from maternity leave and handling a toddler and infant all by myself every night of the week. Should be interesing...I'm recruiting help. Jenni is going to pick one night a week to come over after she gets off of work and hang with me. I'm up for the challenge though. It's not like that's how life will be forever and I am determined not to get stressed about it and enjoy my kids while they are little. I am excited about the move even though it will be difficult. I've become quite accustomed to having Garner's dad around every day. He just loves Collin and he's been really helpful with him, housework and cooking dinner. He's just been great. We are blessed to have him. I've slowly built up a nice decorating reserve and am exicted about getting in and making that house our home. It's just a beautiful house and we can't wait to be there!
I'm so happy that Garner is going to school and that he is actually glad about it. I know he will do great. He's only been working at Baptist East since August 1st and he already has doctor's requesting him on their surgical cases. He's just doing so well and he likes it and that makes me proud. The fact that he wants to take his education and career even farther is just fantastic! Well, I hope all is well out their in the world's of the few people that read my blog. Oh, and in case you have not noticed in previous blogs, I'm not such a great speller and really don't want to take the time to use the spell check, so I apologize for any words that do not make much sense. :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Not A Good Start...

We didn't have such a good start to the new year. Collin got sick with the crupe Monday night (the 1st) so I had him home all week while trying to get some work done too since it's the new year and I'm swamped with all the accounting stuff. He's better now though and back at Mrs. Jackie's this week. He has developed an attitude though. He pitches fits a lot now when he does not get his way and he gets mad when we have to change his diaper. It's like an alien has overtaken my child. It's just not like him to be so high strung. Hopefully, since we are getting back into a good schedule now, he will even out. Anyway, hope everyone had a better start than we did.
The only other thing I have to report is that my glucose test came back border line. So I'm on a strict diet for 3 days and will have to take a 3 hour fasting test friday morning to determine if I have gestational diabetes. I hope I don't, b/c then I'll have to stay on a VERY strict diet until she's born. It's really healthy though, so wouldn't be that bad, just hard to find foods for me to eat while feeding two skinny boys at home. I now have bi-weekly check ups and everything else is looking good. Nothing else to report.